Good Food, Good Life

Quality Standards

Quality Standards

Go above and beyond the standards

Guarantee food safety and full compliance by respecting our policies, principles, and standards with full transparency

Ensure preference and consistency to delight consumers by valuing what they value and by offering products and services that always meet or exceed their expectations

Strive for zero defects and no waste by constantly looking for opportunities to apply our continuous improvement approach to deliver competitive advantage

Engage everybody’s commitment across our complete value chain and at all levels of our organization to build the Quality Culture
At VM Bakery Products, we do not compromise on quality – indeed we go above and beyond the standards required by law. As a means to guarantee the Food Safety & Quality, our facility is fully compliant with FSSAI Standards, ISO 22000:2018

Our Certifications

Every production batch is tested to ensure a plate count and microbial load that is safe for human consumption. Quality checks are carried out throughout the entire production chain. We guarantee the integrity of our packaging which is sealed and labeled with a lot number and “best by” date. We also work with the most recognized laboratories to run third-party lab analyses.